Monday, December 31, 2007


no hiccups. but there are some things that just get in the way. vices. they do seem like hiccups. every now and again the annoyance of the things i struggle with are popping up and are really annoying.
complacency. it's driving me mad. especially within the church. how can anyone get so used to religion that it kills them. it reminds me of the frog that will end up dying because the water is just too good to jump out. (well, i've just been corrected. the frog thing is a myth. hmm, it sounded too good to be true.) Sorta like cruise control. it's convenient. it's nice to have. it's easy. but you can't get around everywhere. you've got to stop. you've got to move. it's just too easy. have i become cruise control in my faith? what's my next step.
i thank God for the people he's surrounded me with. i just hope i make the most out of it.

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