Wednesday, October 31, 2007

i love the church.

the church is a beautiful thing. but what have we made it become? i love the part in the Bible where it talks about how the believers and followers of Jesus live in community with one another. i want that.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

why didn't i think of that?

like i said before, i've been reading this book called This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley and he brings to light something, for me as a family have missed. ever since i've been the family guy at Life Bridge, trying to think of things for the family is quite the hard thing to do. for one, i have not seen it modeled beautifully anywhere. and two, the model for the Christian church does a poor job of it. BUT, at Imago Dei they have structured into their DNA things called Learning Labs. where the family learns together. rick's at the point in his book where he's talking about the Kingdom of Heaven through the eyes of a child and by their faith. when we actually look at God through the eyes of a child it may be more simplified but to some of us, including myself, it's harder to grasp from the way that i was brought up. but these Learning Labs are an opportunity to look at God's creation and teachings from a child's point of view so that we can have faith as a child.
one of things that was mentioned is digging through dirt and playing with worms and seeing how the worms make the earth more fertile so they plants get better nutrients. Another view is through media. it wasn't mentioned specifically but the thought was flittering around my head to think of the possibilities. one could be that the family star in their own video through a script that helps learn some basic biblical truths.
i don't know how i could of missed something that could change a families perspective on learning to see through a child's eyes. the obstacle to overcome are the people who can make this happen. being a church that's all about families, this should be something considered to be an basic part of the family ministry. 

Friday, October 26, 2007

how it should be.

i've been reading a book titled, This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley. the focus of the book is taking a look at the Kingdom of God and how we ARE already a part of it rather than looking at it to be something to come. to be honest i've never really thought too much on the Kingdom, nor tried to apply the presence of the Kingdom to my life. as a minister it would be something that should of been done a long time ago, but with all events leading to where i am today i would have to say it is perfect. as well as everyone else in this world, most of us are only concerned with numero uno. i would have to place that claim on everyone, that includes ministers. well... not all... and that would include ministers as well. focusing on style of teaching, to emerging, to emergent, to experiential, to traditional, it would go down to the rootworks of the person. i've or i am being transformed to have a better understanding on the Kingdom and the picture is beautiful. for everyone to see this picture would be even better and i can't wait til the day comes when self-sacrifice is something that comes without recognition.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

the end of the beginning.

i awoke today with the worst crick in my neck and has yet to go away. it’s a pain like this that can ruin such a wonderful day.

i decided that i wanted to start creating a blog for personal and networking use that i can use a resource for both the children’s and student ministries. i don’t know what’s to come of this but i would like to see it as a sounding board for discussion and the engineering of the thought process.

just like the crick in my neck i know that the church can be a pain that just gets in the way and can ruin such a beautiful day. it may just start one day when we wake up but more likely the pain is something that has been brewing for quite some time, or maybe not.

it feels that Life Bridge is in a category that i can’t quite place. i love the fact that we are from new beginnings. the foundational structure that grows straight from the Bible and away from tradition and the crap that flows out of it. but no matter the sweet comeuppance of fresh starts there are cricks that are brought into the picture by people from tradition.

i would have to assume that they mean no harm but at times i would have to beg to differ.  when people hinder love from anyone and put the focus on themselves the crick is like a fat log in the most uncomfortable of places.

i am reading a couple of books right now that would have to be some of the most inspirational things that I have read since the Bible. if i can find out how to do it, i will put the list of books that i’m currently reading on the side and would like to hear your thoughts from them.

going back to the crick, these books that i have been reading have been very enlightening to the subject matter of people and their crap. we have crap. it gets in the way. it can really stink. not that God cleans up after our mess, He provides a way for us to get rid of the filth and live in a whole new refreshing way.

He is the end of the crap and the beginning of it all.