Friday, October 26, 2007

how it should be.

i've been reading a book titled, This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley. the focus of the book is taking a look at the Kingdom of God and how we ARE already a part of it rather than looking at it to be something to come. to be honest i've never really thought too much on the Kingdom, nor tried to apply the presence of the Kingdom to my life. as a minister it would be something that should of been done a long time ago, but with all events leading to where i am today i would have to say it is perfect. as well as everyone else in this world, most of us are only concerned with numero uno. i would have to place that claim on everyone, that includes ministers. well... not all... and that would include ministers as well. focusing on style of teaching, to emerging, to emergent, to experiential, to traditional, it would go down to the rootworks of the person. i've or i am being transformed to have a better understanding on the Kingdom and the picture is beautiful. for everyone to see this picture would be even better and i can't wait til the day comes when self-sacrifice is something that comes without recognition.

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