Monday, August 18, 2008

tangible kingdom. week four.

the tangible kingdom. chapters 10-12.

Attractional Approach

Unbeliever is invited to church

Unbeliever confesses belief

Unbeliever repeats a prayer (baptism)

Believer joins church

Cognitive discipleship

Focus: Counting confessions

Believing enables belonging

Incarnational Approach

Sojourner is invited to belong

Sojourner confesses interest

Sojourner experiences the good news

Sojourner participates in community

Experiential apprenticeship

Focus: Transformation

Belonging enables believing


as i said before about my dad, he believes but does not follow. i would have to say the same with my mom. one of the biggest reasons why i love the incarnational approach is that i see my mom and dad being who they are in this setting. What i get from them is that if they go to church they feel better about themselves, well my mom anyway. It's like she's back on God's side and not only from my mom do i see this but i see it from many other people. Just because she sacrificed a Sunday of sleeping in or from being with the thousands of animals she loves at home so she can go to church, it's redemption. But not lasting. She'll soon feel guilty about not going and then hit it up a month or so later. She's missing out. The pain and guilt that she bears has been a burden she carries herself. It's hard to see them view the church like this.

Friday, August 8, 2008

tangible kingdom. week three.

there is very good discussion going on. this past week was the week that i wanted to push some conversation going but some other things got in the way. Had no power at my house for a few days and the church got flooded.
Continue on with the next 3 chapters and hopefully I'll be able to throw in some questions here and there. These next chapters were very intriguing and helped see our culture in a different light!