Sunday, October 28, 2007

why didn't i think of that?

like i said before, i've been reading this book called This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley and he brings to light something, for me as a family have missed. ever since i've been the family guy at Life Bridge, trying to think of things for the family is quite the hard thing to do. for one, i have not seen it modeled beautifully anywhere. and two, the model for the Christian church does a poor job of it. BUT, at Imago Dei they have structured into their DNA things called Learning Labs. where the family learns together. rick's at the point in his book where he's talking about the Kingdom of Heaven through the eyes of a child and by their faith. when we actually look at God through the eyes of a child it may be more simplified but to some of us, including myself, it's harder to grasp from the way that i was brought up. but these Learning Labs are an opportunity to look at God's creation and teachings from a child's point of view so that we can have faith as a child.
one of things that was mentioned is digging through dirt and playing with worms and seeing how the worms make the earth more fertile so they plants get better nutrients. Another view is through media. it wasn't mentioned specifically but the thought was flittering around my head to think of the possibilities. one could be that the family star in their own video through a script that helps learn some basic biblical truths.
i don't know how i could of missed something that could change a families perspective on learning to see through a child's eyes. the obstacle to overcome are the people who can make this happen. being a church that's all about families, this should be something considered to be an basic part of the family ministry. 

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