Thursday, June 12, 2008

the tangible kingdom.

as i have said before, the books that i've read in the past year have been the perfect series of books that I could of ever processed. Starting with Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne I have never been challenged in such a way to change the actions of my personal life in the world. Moving into the Kingdom of God I've read This Beautiful Mess by Rick McKinley, The Secret Message of Jesus by Brian Mclaren , Sex God by Rob Bell, Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne and now just finished the Tangible Kingdom by Hugh Halter and Matt Smay.
I don't think I would have finished any of them if they hadn't peeked my interest in some way. i did try to read the Kingdom of God is Within You by Leo Tolstoy but it failed in my understanding. There are still more books to read and thoughts to process but i do know i need to throw up at some point and bottle it in some way. All these views need to be organized into the heart of what God has called the church to me.
The Tangible Kingdom has been an inspiration to see the church in better light. I've seen the church in practice as to the definitions Halter and Smay bring. Such as attractional. Most of the churches in America say to anyone, follower or non-follower: come to us. The missional church says: just look. If you are truly living in the Kingdom of God, loving and caring for one another with a transparent and unashamed attitude the gospel will be lived out in your life thus showing everyone Jesus. An all inviting attitude that will show people who Jesus is and revealing to them a way in which they can come and know Jesus too.
Halter and Smay also help get a better understanding on the culture in America and the different contexts people are in with their beliefs. This is all too important because of the generations that have morphed into one another, like a homeschooler that is actually cool. is that possible? it is my friend! so, very important to see the differences. Western, Eastern, PostModern and Gospel Response.
After all this input I really don't know if I can fully puke it out in comprehension. It just doesn't make sense when I try to describe. I know it's beautiful. I know it's the Kingdom of God here on Earth. I know it's hope for all who have lost hope. All i ask is for wisdom. I have feared and  revered the Lord, because I know this is way over my head. Give me wisdom.

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