Tuesday, January 20, 2009

church marketing.

i at first liked the idea of marketing. coming up with creative ideas to sell your product. i think i just liked the creative part. i am just not comfortable trying to "push" the church or Jesus on someone. i was trying to think of any organizations or business' that don't advertise or spend any money trying to get people to buy their product. there aren't many.
does the church try to "push" itself into people's lives because the product is not that good? what happens when you sell and it doesn't live up to the standards that you had to offer? what if we spent our time living it out instead of hyping it up?


Amanda said...

I wonder, if we feel we have to hype it up, do we have the right 'product' to begin with?

What is the church offering people? A free ticket out of hell? Health and wealth? A personal relationship with Christ? An invitation to be a part of the Kingdom of God?

I do see your point about living it out, but I wonder, do you see things like project Valpo as living it out or advertising, because in a way it seems like a little of both to me, but I'm not entirely sure it's a bad thing.

Anonymous said...

When you're just living it...it's attractional too, right? I just think that what we are attracting people too is what's in question.

I also think that sometimes our marketing schemes are really only to get more people. More people means that you are successful at least in our eyes. I've been at this game too long. HELP!!!


Kris said...

From an eco friendly perspective, i think god is a very efficient product. Very, very energy efficient and sustainable. If you think of God's sacrifice for us, First of all it offers us no sacrifice on our behalf, plus he gives us renewable love and on very little resources all he requires of us is to follow him. In life i think we can do that best by building relationships and using our god given skills to live the life he has given us. Living is proof that he lives within us. Thank you for an eco friendly God!

Lindsay and Co. said...

I think part of it is that people are so turned off by the lack of answers to "real world" questions that the church has. Where does the church stand on the environment? Evolution (besides that they are mostly against it, do they have any proof?) Work? In fact, I'm sick of the fact that the church won't stand up and just answer the dang question. We have all the answers, but the church is afraid of offending anyone. I don't think marketing is a bad thing, per se, but perhaps churches market so much to mask the fact that they won't answer tough questions...