Thursday, July 30, 2009

time to slow.

so i've been packing my schedule quite tight for the past few months and it's time to slow down. more than likely i think God is or has been all this time trying to get my attention. as though the sound has finally caught up to me and the words coming screaming by halting me to walk. just like a safety patrolman.
actually it came about due to achilles tendonitis. (thanks webmd) somehow i just either didn't stretch enough or just ran on it wrong playing softball on tuesday. i was also training to run the chicago marathon. that didn't last long. i got up to 10 miles though and kris' leg started hurting.
maybe there are more ways that God was tryin to slow me down. it almost sounds negative. especially in our culture today. but i think i'm missin quite more by zoomin on.
it's been this way for the past 6 years with life bridge. not that the fast paced progression hasn't had any positive effect, cause it has, but it's been too constant. particularly in all the roles i've played here. children's. students. families. communities. developing programs. tweeking programs. people coming and going. equipping leaders. just going everywhere oh so quickly.

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mollyann said...

Its incredible the things you learn when you slow down and really take time to look around...and listen...and see things.
Soak it up!