Monday, November 2, 2009

individual community.

what makes an individual healthy and the same for community groups. When gauging whether a group is healthy or not, there needs to be standards as to which to be held accountable to. Each for the individual, small group and church body. This is at the core of the wholeness to the body of Christ. So each group should be held accountable to these "standards." Not that they should be judged or deemed unhealthy but it should be the drive towards in the hopes they should be more and more like the body of Christ. I think that the next iConnect would be a great time to cast this vision of what each group should drive towards. Right now there are 3-4 things that are at the heart of the individual and the community of being the body of Christ. Transformation, Connection, and Movement. All encompassing the surrender to Worship God with our whole lives. I know this is a dump but it is really at the forefront of my thoughts and passion to see lives transformed through community.

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