Tuesday, March 11, 2008

have you ever questioned...

...why the church has children's and student ministries? not that i don't feel supported or that i'm left all alone, but why are there separate ministries if normally the church is "family oriented."

i'd like to hear some responses if anyone actually reads this.

i know there are some churches out there that focus on family as a whole. NorthPoint in Atlanta has a big show that they put on for the family, and it's great but... it's a show. is that what the church is? entertainment for the family?

there's also a church in Portland called Imago Dei that i believe shoots for the intended purpose of a family church. i wish i knew more.

the traditional model, which has become the contemporary model, has a separate "service" for each of the age groups. this is actually what goes on at our church. being my first take with children and students, i'm only prone to go with what i know and what i've experienced before. it's okay, but i know there's more to it.

there's gotta be more. where is it?

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