Friday, March 14, 2008

just so i don't forget.

yah so i think the next big thing that will be used as interactive entertainment will be the integration of the web and television. Being able to watch TV while you surf the web, vice versa. You might think this is already happening but it's not. As your watching TV, say a commercial comes on for Papa Johns Pizza. This commercial in some way wets your appetite for some pie and you want to indulge yourself. So while the commercial is being played you can click on the link to order your pizza, in a separate window, order, pay and have it delivered. This can be the case for all ads "selling" products. As far as the TV programs that are out there, it will be integrated throughout the show. Let's say your watching a basketball game. Throughout this game you there are numerous facts that you might want to know for the team. During the game you might want to click the teams name for general stats about them or if it comes down to the details, while the game is being played and the players are running up and down the court, click on one of the players so you can get specific stats about the player. This could be done for all sports.
Another thing that could be done throughout a TV show could be little details that the producer might want to add to make the show a little more interesting. or going back to the consumer consumption, advertising companies can add their links to the products in the shows that the cast are using. 
You can do all of this without having to switch back and forth from either a desktop or laptop and the TV.
just to make life a little more simpler for the fat(used all three ways: fat as in huge, large or obese. fat as in, i've got money so i can whatever i want. fat as in, phat.) American.

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