Thursday, September 11, 2008

desire for hope.

the picture of allowing the Kingdom of God to be living and active sets a hope within me that we can truly be as Israel was for the world in bringing people out of exile and back to God. Jesus reigning as King sets the tone in the way we should live, not as ones raising our swords, or turning to government or tucking our tails in between our legs and running back to exile but of love and mercy and justice. Though this is not the end to which our hope is set upon because He has already risen. He reigns as King in Heaven and soon will restore Earth as it is there.

Peter says that we shouldn't be surprised when we face the trials that will come our way. This desire is not one that many agree with as they are blinded by that which they are blinded by. Just as the desire to be loved... "Do we reach for nothing in life because our reaching opens us up to tragedy? Because of it's vulnerable nature, desire begins to feel like our worst enemy." (from the Journey of Desire) I do believe we choose our own battles. Do we always choose the battles that we will always win? What makes the ones we choose to fight, even though the odds are against, worth fighting? Is it all in vain, knowing that we will fail?

When Jesus said "repent and believe" it was not as we think of today. N.T. Wright says that Jesus wasn't necessarily challenging people to give up sinning and have a religious conversion experience. He was telling his hearers to give up their agendas and to trust him for his way of being Israel, his way of bringing the kingdom, his kingdom-agenda. Jesus wants our whole life. He wants us to align our importance to what's most important. Is it worth it? If we truly listen to and follow where the Spirit is leading, does it mean we should be scared of tragedy? Does this sway our desire to being not as challenging or simple enough that it becomes comfortable.

This extends itself.

Choosing love will open spaces of immense beauty and joy for you, but you will be hurt. You already know this. You have retreated from love countless times in your life because of it. We all have. We have been and will be hurt by the loss of loved ones, by what they have done to us and we to them. Even in the bliss of love there is a certain exquisite pain: the pain of too much beauty, of overwhelming magnificence. Further, no matter how perfect a love may be, it is nevere really satisfied... In both joy and pain, love is boundless. (The Awakened Heart)

Will our desire leave us empty or disappointed?

Do our desires set us up for failure?

Even in the pursuit of "God's Will," are we led to complacency? 


Amanda said...

Are you feeling discouraged?

yesh said...

quite the opposite.