Thursday, October 23, 2008

new church.

so it seems that church is changing, which is a good thing, with the culture. someone once told me that the church today is more healthy than it has ever been, even the first church seen in Acts. It made me think. I know that we miss the point today but did they a couple thousand years ago? You can read in the Peters and elsewhere the Christians fleeing to exile for fear of persecution and maybe to get away from the Empires at hand. The thing that I see today is that the Christians have become comfortable with the empire at hand. Well at least in America anyway. What makes America any different from the Babylon portrayed in Revelations who is a dirty whore? Enough bashing the bride. The church is the temple in which God dwells. We are to live in His Spirit which are His fruits. With love, justice and mercy. Forgiving and retaining sins. And following where the Spirit leads we need to humbly live among the whore and be a light in this dark world.

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