Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so i watched the nooma video "today" last night with the college community group. rob bell's point was that we need to focus on today and let the past be the past. not to continue to grieve or live in the past, but move on. i would have to say that if i was to put myself in the camp of living in the past it would be the nostalgia of the past. i do look into the past quite a bit. i remember how life was when my parents were together. i remember the summers of my youth. i remember how life was when i didn't have a job. i remember laughing with my friends. I remember places, smells, colors, people, songs and so on. they're both beautiful yet not there anymore. I agree with rob, that we need to move on. but we would not be who we are if we did not have those past experiences. they define us. they help us be who are. the good and the bad. but moving on is the fruit from which those experiences have generated from within. move on indeed.

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