Tuesday, March 3, 2009


so i've been reading for the past couple weeks the book Organic Leadership by Neil Cole. Creating a church movement that spreads like a virus, creating an epidemic that reveals the Kingdom of God. Becoming an organism that is alive and moves fluidly whichever direction it naturally flows. There are three things that never change which is it's DNA.
Divine Truth. Nurtering Relationships. Apostolic Mission.
Organizational leadership is designed for one person to make decisions for all and delegate mission to those under the authority. Christ is always the head of the church. This is where all the functions and authority come from.
So I was thinking about what this would look like. I was thinking about the other people who have decided to become "full time" ministers. Those of us who get paid either to teach God's Word or some who put programs together to help the church function. (just some light cynicism, nothing to be concerned about.) In the church, those who attend services or are part of the body look to the title or positions held as authority. Mostly the people will follow the leaders even if they don't know the person or aren't even passionate themselves about where their going.
So what if the goal was to get rid of paid positions and titles in the church? What would that look like? The head would be Christ totally and all decisions would be made solely to bring God's Kingdom here on Earth. The body, with all different parts, becomes passionate about doing things that suit their purpose. All programs that exist are ran by people who have the same passions. The church wouldn't come together to vote, but come together to be and exist and move and bring light to a dark world.

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