Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my apologies.

So last night what I was trying to communicate about what Jesus was doing through the miracles found in Mark was totally wrong. I just wanted to clarify that so you can know that it was I that messed and not the Bible.

And how much more beautiful does it show through the book of John. Especially when he starts his book with the same words from Genesis that the Jews have been hearing for quite some time... "In the beginning..." And the rhythm begins. The beauty of it all starts there for all to join in the song. Not only would they recognize familiarity from of being naked and unashamed but they would also remember what they have been called to do since Abraham... to be a blessing to all nations. As John talks about Jesus and the miracles he's done, it continues the song but you can tell that it's building up. The song is coming to a point where all feelings and emotions will be moved, not just to listen but to get up, move your legs around and dance. The missio dei is to restore all things back to Him. This is what God wants and does this through the sending of Jesus Christ. This is also our mandate from Jesus himself. As Jesus was sent, so are we. And the song continues...

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