Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What are you building or not?

Since I've been back home in Valparaiso it's been a constant busy. The normal unsteadiness of work in the winter has been occupied by a project to put an addition above the garage that was at a time a roof. I've been learning various skills that I would otherwise not encounter if I were not employed here.  Deconstruction of the roof, framing, putting a new roof back on, shingling, plumbing, electric, drywall and mudding and most recently painting. These are all things that I've been able to see firsthand and learn from guys who've been at it for a long long time. I know it'll take time for me to get the hang of any of it. We've even hired people specifically trained in certain jobs that are masters of what they do. Just by watching I've learned so much about home construction, at least putting a master bedroom addition on an old roof.
I look at this work, just from this past winter alone and see how it correlates with what I've been experiencing in the church. As I've assumed a different role in the body of Christ, it's something quite new to me. There a certain skills and pedigrees that distinguish themselves amongst the others that make each unique. As I've been working alongside other men and women working out their role in the body of Christ it's been quite uneasy. A lot of awkwardness and uncertainty has been encountered along the way, much to that of learning a new skill or trade. Questioning yourself, hitting your thumb with a hammer, getting in the way of others, not knowing the overall goal, let alone having any idea on how to get there.
Many of the people we've been meeting are still going through this process of seeing who they are in the body of Christ. I for one can admit that I'm still growing and learning but yearning to master they trade that God has placed before me. There's beauty in not doing this alone though. As we disciple each other, we are iron sharpening iron and building each other up. We are looking to each other for the examples of what this looks like, all the while looking to Christ. We know the goal of planting the gospel to all the world but there are many different ways to go about it.
It's been a joy to build into the lives of others. For some they're starting new, with a fresh slate and a fresh foundation. A lot of watching is going on and they're looking for the body of Christ to provide that example. Some are still trying to function with some 70's retrofitting style, with shag carpet, wood panel walls, and some funky green and mauve colors. But you know what, it still works. But only if it's rooted in love. Some are seeing that they need to rebuild. Their foundation was weak in first place or built on the wrong things. So it's time to tear it down and build it on what's sure and foundational.

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