Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deep thoughts. By josh eppy

Just some thoughts:
being inundated by exciting church or extreme church, with loud music, funny videos, heart wrenching and tear jerking stories has taken it's toll on us. As I've been thinking about this whole identity thing and it being tied to purpose, we should be getting our new identity from Christ. A new self as the scriptures say. By the renewal of our heart, soul, and mind we are being made new in the image of Christ.
Out of this image, there is a uniqueness which we have all our own. Things that we can only relate to some, rather than the whole. Things like teaching/communication skills, usefulness in using our hands in a specific skill, a nurturing and warm personality, being creative, being organized, etc. This is the picture of the body of Christ. We pick up where others leave and partner with those who suck at what we're good at and support the opposites to be more balanced.
This new identity is pretty rare. We see it in some and that includes the leaders we look up to. There are certain attributes of this identity we will all share. Being holy. Humility. Being righteous. (not self righteous) I even think there's a verse in there that says we should be perfect. (name some more if you can) These are the things that we should look like. Together.
Understanding these things about yourself should be essential. From this newness there can be a sense of zeal and knowledge that brings us to this understanding and our relationship with one another.
Being entertained on a Sunday is hard to pull this identity in. it takes more than just an hour or so a week. I once heard a guy say that in order to become a professional golf player, from nothing, you need to spend at least 10,000 hours practicing. I'm not aiming to become a professional Christian but we've got to consume ourselves and change our agendas to be around those who are going to show us this new image, all the while looking to Christ. Can't forget that one.
Moses was given a call to lead Gods people to the promise land. I'm sure it was quite exciting at first. The whole killing an Egyptian and plagues and magic battling a king. But the whole 40 years in the desert sure must of gotten old. But he still had purpose. He still had identity. Bearing the image of God, he was bringing a blessing.
How easy it is for us to caught up in an identity that's not of God and not of our own. What image are you bearing? How can others be your opposite? Do you know what that image looks like and would you recognize yourself if you looked in a mirror? In what areas do you need to renew yourself? Where are the best places you've seen a good look at Jesus? Can you or will you let others in on the secret?


Pete said...

Amen, brother...Body of Christ in action...that's what we should strive to be.

Charlie said...

this is something pretty relavant to what you're talking about: http://youtu.be/Plk4oBJsSLY