Thursday, January 24, 2008

church deconstruction.

if we would take away everything the church is today, the good and the bad, what is left. we would go back to the beginning of it all. whether the beginning may be the early manifestos of God's Kingdom or the start of all time.
what did it look like in the beginning?
for one: it was good. but in the process of "being" it got all mucked up with sin and the things that don't matter.
another: it was what it was meant to be. simple and pristine.
so what things today make church, church? what would you take away, from what it is today and all the bitter taste it leaves on the palettes of peoples tongues, to the simplicity and originality of restoring us back to God.
take away everything, the good and the bad:
- the music - the hymns - the projector - the powerpoint - the slides - the computers - the production team - the cameras - the tv evangelist - the healing - the miracles - the building -  the steeple - the chairs - the pews - the coffee bar - the sunday school - the "core" classes - the children's ministry -  the youth group - the nursery - the preschool - the parents night out - the mothers of babies club - the sports teams - the prayer - the dress clothes - the mohawks - communion - offering - loving other people - giving to the poor - caring for widows and orphans - random acts of kindness - having hope - purpose - prayer - the confession of sins - baptism - cheesiness - being fake - special music - family - trust - easter lily's - the bible

so leave all the people, take away everything that has been called "church". what you have left is Jesus and people. if we started all over again, how beautiful it would be. the fruits of the Spirit. purpose. meaning. a life worth living. people who love. one's that care for all people, good and bad. being provided for when you have nothing. giving everything that you have to the ones who don't have it. 

the church.

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