Wednesday, January 30, 2008


at times i dread it because it's time consuming. and others because of who is praying with me. i would have to say that 99% of the time my outcome is one for a change of heart. i do feel better. it's worth it. but prayer.... what is it? why do we need to talk to G-d to make us feel good about ourselves? when we pray with others, why is there judgement? is it selfish on our part when we pray? if G-d knows everything why do we even need to pray?
as i'm understanding a bit more of G-d's Kingdom, Revolution, Dream, etc. i see that prayer is an act just like baptism to show our commitment to G-d. we are not in control. but our concern for other's in G-d's Kingdom is G-d's concern. we are called to love. in our faith that we believe G-d is watching over us, there's hope. hope for a better future and love for the entire Kingdom. we make a commitment through prayer to give us hope that we're not in this alone.

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