Friday, January 4, 2008

new year.

if resolutions were something we did every month or everyday, would we be better people. looking back on the previous year i can say i enjoyed it. as any previous year i have grown. i know myself more. i've gotten more wise. i've learned from my mistakes.
if we were to surround ourselves with people who make us better, would our resolutions become a reality. do we see the fruits of what true community means. i am aiming for simplicity. i have not told many people my plan and when i do i feel as though it's more about me than what the outcome is. i see that there are many hurting people in this world. many hurting people who can't see God because their not really looking. i personally don't think this is for every minister but i am looking to wean myself from getting paid by the church. something things that are lacking that the church isn't embracing is community and devotion. by living in community with a group of people who love each other really shows love for one another. i would have to say that many people who have beef with the church is the example that it sets, this could be by a number of people or by just a single person.
i want to do my best to show God's love. this is all i can come up with right now. there is more.

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